Official Music Video: Miatalo Lenche Iabalka!

We are so excited to share the official music video of “Miatalo Lenche Iabalka” from our debut album Swamp Gold, premiered by Folk Radio UK on May 17, 2017!

The video, directed by Cameron Wheeless and Biliana Grozdanova, was supported by a Jazz & Heritage Community Partnership Grant through NOVAC’s Music Video Production Project and was previewed at the 2017 Jazz Fest Sync Up Cinema conference. It was filmed in the style of Bulgarian folk music videos—which frequently feature dramatized performances in meadows, forests, and courtyards—in the swampy bayous and forests of New Orleans’ City Park as well as the courtyard of the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum.

The song, whose title means “Lenche Tossed an Apple,” is a humorous Bulgarian folktale about a girl who throws an apple into the air and declares that whoever catches it is the person she will marry. Her plan goes awry when the wrong man catches the apple. Blato Zlato’s six members portray all the characters in the story, interspersed with shots of live performance. The track is from Blato Zlato’s debut full-length album, Swamp Gold, released January 2017.

The video is available to view on Folk Radio UK, YouTube, and Facebook.